Meeting Minutes

Governor Paul Hamilton Chapter

Minutes of the First Quarter Chapter Meeting

March 24, 2017

President Claude Dinkins called the Governor Paul Hamilton Chapter meeting to order at 12:00. Chaplain Bill Sammons gave the invocation and blessing of the meal. Color Sgt. Michael Keyslering gave the pledge to the flag of the United States of America. The pledge to the flag was followed by the pledge to the SAR. .

President Claude Dinkins introduced a number of guests today. A total of 47 attended today's luncheon meeting, 33 were members. Guests included: Lois Anderson, Ginny Burnett, Charletta Case, Nancy Chesnutt, Pat Cotter, Cathy deWitt, Betty Heape, Ann Holden, MJ Kelley, Janet Lubkin, Bev Melvin, Ann Monahan, Kay Wilson, Jane Wold, Barbara Wood and John Bell from Hendersonville (guest of Tom Mikell).

Claude then announced starting with the speakers table we will begin our buffet lunch. During that, he asked SCSSAR President Wayne Cousar to say a few words about the April SAR State Conference in Beaufort. At a show of hands who is attending, it revealed as the host Chapter many more of our members need to sign up and attend. Wayne presented many details as outline in the Palmetto Patriot.

After lunch, Vice President Frank Gibson introduced the guest speaker, Compatriot Joel Holden. Joel presented a very informative power point presentation titled “Early American History of Dataw Island and its owners the Sam’s Family of Beaufort”. The Dataw Island history begins 12,000 years ago. The Native Americans were the first settlers 10,000 BC. Beginning in 1514 Spanish Explorers were in his area, 1520 Spanish made their way to Port Royal Sound and the infamous Santa Elena Town in 1566, which was abandoned in 1587. In 1521 King Datha (precursor to Dataw) captured an Indian named Chicora. His tribe settled on Dataw Island in the beginning. In 1662 King Charles II deeded SC to eight Lord Proprietors. In 1682 Proprietor Westbrook received a land grant from the Lord Proprietors. Through the next several years the land was deeded and sold to many parties. The William Sams family purchased Dataw Island and it remained in the family for the next 90 years(1783-1863). Williams and Elizabeth also started a plantation on John's Island (then the fourth largest island on the east coast, after Long Island, Mount Desert Island in ME and Martha's Vineyard. In 1786  William Sams moved to a plantation house on Dataw Island. In 1798 William Sams died. His sons, Lewis Reeve Sams and Bernes Barnwell Sam's slip the island in east and west. Both married the Fripp sisters. The two sons did not live long, Bernes dying in 1855 and Lewis dying in 1856. In 1863 the island was seized by the Federal Government for non payment of taxes. With the burning of the plantation house in 1876 and the infamous Sea Island Hurricane of 1893, the land mass of the island was reduced to half. A family member Robert Sam's transfer the title to Sanders (Beaufort produce and farmer fame). Libby Sanders married Richard Rowland in 1936. They had two sons, Richard and Larry. In 1980 Beaufort’s Larry Rowland sold the island to the Alcoa SC Inc. once he heard the development company wanted to change the name of the island to Sunset Island, he made it well known the history of Dataw Island back 12,000 years! (

Compatriot Joel Holden after his presentation offered to anyone interested a guided tour of Sam's Plantation Complex  Tabby Ruins. The complex includes the plantation mansion, house servant quarters, kitchen chimney, an overseers house, blade house, dairy, cold room, well. Cotton barn, chapel and the Sam's family cemetery. The Sam's Plantation Complex Tabby Ruins is on the National Register of Historic Places .

Following the presentation, Registrar Tom Wilson gave a brief report of his heritage and the five pending applications that will be approved soon. He also encouraged others to promote SAR to friends and encouraged others to file supplementals.

Secretary Ivan Bennett gave a brief report. The December 8, 2016 minutes were approved by the chapter with a 1st by Tom Wilson and 2nd by Bill Sammons. Ivan announced the current number of Chapter Members is at 68. He reminded every member to pick up their Directory.

Installation of new members, Mike Monahan National # 200257 State # 3897 and Timothy Key National # 201718 and State # 3924 were next on the agenda. President Dinkins swore each prospective member in. Frank Gibson and Ivan Bennett presented them with their Rosette Pin.

John Simpson, Military Awards Chair presented to Compatriot Tom Case the SAR Veteran Corp Certificate for his Vietnam Service.

Old Business: SCSSAR President Wayne Cousar presented two "Battle Streamers" to Color Sgt. Michael Keyserling to affix to the Chapter's Flag. The chapter had representatives attending and laying wreaths at the respective January 2017 Battle of Cowpens and May 2016 Buford's Massacre Memorial Services.

New Business was the announcement of the Heritage Society Meeting on April 6 th at the Tavern in Royal Pines Country Club 11:30.

The next Chapter Meeting is scheduled at Dataw Island on June 23rd. The program is TBA.

The Moment of History was presented by Historian Dr. Tom Burnett.

Benediction was offered by Chaplain Bill Sammons.

The SAR Recessional was led by Chapter Vice President Frank Gibson

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Ivan Bennett, Secretary
Governor Paul Hamilton SAR Chapter


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