New Members

James Peyton Atkins
Patriot Ancestor: Jacob Strickler of Pennsylvania

Laurence Field Peck
Patriot Ancestor: Ward Peck of Connecticut

Peter M. Somerville
Patriot Ancestor: Patrick Boyd of Virginia

September 22, 2017

Daryll Samples
Patriot Ancestor: Francis Bowery of Virginia

June 30, 2017

Timothy Shevlin Key
Patriot Ancestor: Waightstill Avery of North Carolina

Michael Henry Monahan
Patriot Ancestor: Plikar Dedric Siler of North Carolina

March 24, 2017

Christain Kearns Tootle
Patriot Ancestor: William Wigg Hazard of South Carolina

Robert Kennedy Pollard
Patriot Ancestor: Joseph Pollard, Sr. of New Hamphire

December 8, 2016

L-R Christian Tootle and Rob Pollard listen to the oath being given by Chapter President Claude Dinkins, assisted by Secretary Frank Gibson in background.

Paul Spivey Griffin
Patriot Ancestor: James Merrick of South Carolina

September 30, 2016

Chapter President Claude Dinkins, at left, after swearing in Paul at the Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station Officers Club.

Jeffrey John Hewitt
Patriot Ancestor: John M. Kerr of Pennsylvania

September 23, 2016

Jeff Hewitt was approved on May 18, 2016, however, he and family live in Houston, TX . Unable to make the September 30, 2016 meeting, he came early to visit his father, Compatriot Capt. Dean Hewitt. A special luncheon meeting was held by chapter officers to welcome and greet Jeff and officially install him.

December 4, 2015

Lt. Col. John Keiffer Carothers
Patriot Ancestor: John Carothers of North Carolina

Ted Simpson Carothers
Patriot Ancestor: John Carothers of North Carolina

Earl Edward Jackson, III
Patriot Ancestor: Thomas McKissack of North Carolina

Randy Kermit Ward
Patriot Ancestor: Nicholas Prince of North Carolina

Photo: L-R SC Society President Greg Greenawalt installs new Compatriots Lt. Col. John Carothers, Jack Jackson, Ted Carothers and Rand Ward   

Thomas Randall Hewitt
Patriot Ancestor: Daniel Womelsdorf of Pennsylvania

September 22, 2015

Tom Hewitt has been a member of the SAR since March 2013, however, living in Houston, TX with wife Susan has precluded him from making a meeting. While visiting his father, Compatriot Dean Hewitt after a recent meeting, our officers met with him and completed his installation.

Dr. John Gale Kenney
Patriot Ancestor: Jonathan Lodge of Pennsylvania

September 18, 2015

John, and his wife Caroline (not shown), recently moved to Beaufort from Virgina where he was a member of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter, Virginia Society SAR.

Talmage Stephen Melvin, Jr.
Patriot Ancestor: George Carter of Virginia

June 19, 2015

Photo: Pres. Michael Keyserling, left, swears in new member Steve Melvin, right, with Secretary Claude Dinkins assisting.

Frederick Joseph Riddle, Jr.
Patriot Ancestor: James McCracken of South Carolina.

September 19, 2014

Photo: Joe Riddle after being sworn in by Pres. Michael Keyserling.

John Wesley Youmans  
Patriot Ancestor: John Peeples of South Carolina

June 20, 2014

Photo: Pat and John Youmans with President Michael Keyserling and Secretary Claude Dinkins.

Charles Leonard Calvert, III
Patriot Ancestor: John Frierson of South Carolina

Dana Angier Cheney
Patriot Ancestor: Daniel Cheney of Massachusetts

Thomas Evans Wilson, III
Patriot Ancestor: James Pliney Wilson of South Carolina

December 11, 2013

Photo: New Compatriots (L-R) Charlie Calvert, Dana Cheney and Tom Wilson following installation.

David Kenneth Easlick
Patriot Ancestor: John Barnwell
of South Carolina

Perry Hubbard Gesell
Patriot Ancestor: George Hubbard
of Connecticut

September 20, 2013

Photo: New member Perry Gesell with Secretary Tom Mikell, center, and new member David Easlick at right.

Thomas Lawrence Burnett, Jr.
Patriot Ancestor: Phillip Null
of Pennsylvania

Andrew Caroll Drexel
Patriot Ancestor: McKeen Green
of South Carolina

June 9, 2013

Photo: Vice President Michael Keyserling, left, and President Jody Henson, right, with new members Tom Burnett and Andrew Drexel .

Robert Harley Hartzog
Patriot Ancestor: John Booth
of South Carolina

September 20, 2012

Photo: Bob Harzog with Chapter President Jody Henson after installation.

Davidson Mobley Johnson
Patriot Ancestor: Samuel Mobley of South Carolina

June 21, 2012

On May 25th,2012 Dave was presented an Award of Excellence by his Citadel Class of '61 for his unselfish efforts to assure the burial of the remains of two Citadel Classmates. The award, The Davidson Mobley Johnson Award for Humanitarian Service, was named for him and is the first to be presented.

Donald Leroy Starkey
Patriot Ancestor: Thomas Keene
of Connecticut

March 16, 2012

Photo: Don Starkey receives SAR Rosette from Secretary Tom Mikell after installation.


Robert Alexander Sadler
Patriot Ancestor: Alexander Barnett of Virginia

Garland Paul Steele

Patriot Ancestor: John Cooke of Virginia

December 15, 2011

Photo: Paul Steele, President Wayne Cousar and Bob Sadler after installation.

Claude Nash Dinkins
Patriot Ancestor: Theodore King of Connecticut

David Pinckney Easterling
Patriot Ancestor: William Pinckney of South Carolina

Joseph Childs Harden
Patriot Ancestor: Benjamin Lanier of Georgia

Joel Trapier Horry
Patriot Ancestor: Elias Horry
of South Carolina

September 16, 2011

Photo: Joe, Claude, Joel and David after installation.

Franklin Lee Wood
Patriot Ancestor: Ellis Palmer of South Carolina

William De Lorme Anderson
Patriot Ancestor: Thomas Benjamin Chaplin
of South Carolina

June 16, 2011

Photo: Sec. Michael Keyserling with Frank Wood, Bill Anderson and Pres. Wayne Cousar.

Walter Franklin Lubkin
Patriot Ancestor: John Peeples of South Carolina

Francis Ewing Gibson III
Patriot Ancestor: Plowden Westonof South Carolina

March 18, 2011

Photo: V. Pres. Jody Henson and Sec. Michael Keyserling swear in Walter "Spanky" Lubkin and Frank Gibson.

Andrew Jonathan Beall
Patriot Ancestor: John Turner of South Carolina

September 17, 2010

Photo: Andrew Jonathan Beall "Andy" in between Sec. Michael Keyserling and Pres. Wayne Cousar.

Dr. William Charles Sammons
Patriot Ancestor: Rowland Salmon of Kentucky

June 18, 2010

Photo: Dr. William Charles Sammons "Bill" in between Pres. Wayne Cousar and Sec. Michael Keyserling.

William Franklin Syfrett
Patriot Ancestor: William Edgemon of North Carolina

John William Smith III
Patriot Ancestor: Cornelius Francisco of New York

Samuel Wesley Chesnutt
Patriot Ancestor: John Gaston, Sr. of South Carolina

Talbird Reeve Sams
Patriot Ancestor: Thomas Talbird of South Carolina

James Thomas Mikell
Patriot Ancestor: James Mikell
of South Carolina

March 19, 2010

Photo L-R: Billy Syfrett; John Smith; Sam Chesnutt; Reeve Sams; Tom Mikell.