Our Patriot Ancestors

Patriot: Job Case 1737 -1798

Captain in Civil Service to Connecticut
Lt. 18th Regiment, Connecticut Militia

Fought at battle of Bunker Hill in 1775. Commanded a Company with 18th NY Regiment and CT Militia in 1776 near Peekskill, NY. Called out for defense of New Haven in 1779.

Compatriot: Thomas Case

Gravesite located in Hop Meadow Cemetery, Simsbury, Hartford County, CT

Patriot: John Cooke 1752 -1832

8th Virginia Continental Regiment

Wintered with Washington at Valley Forge, Pa
Notable Battles:
- October 10, 1774 The Battle of Point Pleasant
- Philadelphia Campaign of 1777 which involved some significant battles of the war such as Brandywine Creek, Paoli, and the Battle of Germantown.
- June 18 1778, the Battle of Monmouth Court House in New Jersey
- 1778, the Battle of Stony Point in New York

Compatriot: Paul Steele

Gravesite located in Delilah Chapel Cemetery, Oceana, West Virginia

Patriot: Thomas deWitt, 1741-1809

Major with the 3rd Ulster Militia.
New York


Compatriot: Stewart deWitt

Gravesite located in the Old Dutch Church Yard in Kingston, NY. 

Patriot: Benjamin Dickerson, 1758-1832

Pvt. with the 3rd Regiment, Ulster County Militia.
New York

Fought in the American Revolution under the command of Captain Caleb Brewster transporting spy messages in the Culper Spy network. In 1782 he was severely wounded along with 16 other boatmen who were killed or wounded in a fight with the British in Long Island Sound.

Compatriot: Peter Dickerson

Gravesite located in the Hopewell Cemetery, Thompson Ridge, Orange County, NY.

Patriot: Col. Antipas Gilman 1730-1802

Gilman Strafford Co.New Hampshire

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Compatriot: Ivan Bennett

Gravesite located in the Smith Meeting House Cemetery Gilmanton, Belknap County, NH

Patriot: Fredrick Hambright 1727-1817

Colonel with the North Carolina Continental Line and Militia


Compatriot: Ted Carothers
Compatriot: Lt. Col. John Carothers

Gravesite located in the Hambright Cemetery on the SC side of the state line near Grover, NC.

Patriot: Ebenezer M. Holden, 1764-1845

Enlisted in the 8th Massachusetts line, Colonel Michael Jackson, in Company of Captain Abner Wade

Tombstone states:
Ebenezer M. Holden
Died  July 13, 1845  In the 82 year of his age
A stern defender of his country's right in the  Revolutionary war.

Compatriot: Joel David Holden

Gravesite located in the family plot at the Holden homestead. (Butternuts, Otsego County, NY)

Patriot: Thomas Keeney, 1751-1840

Pvt. in Johnson's Regiment, Connecticut Militia


Compatriot: Donald Starkey

Gravesite located in the Riverside Cemetery, Chemung, Chemung County, NY.

James McCracken 1754-1824

Private with the South Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line


Compatriot: Joe Riddle

Gravesite located in the McCracken/Tidwell Cemetery, Lawrence County, TN

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