Americanism Poster Contest

Beaufort County Middle and Elementary Schools

The National Society SAR Americanism Committee is pleased to announce the National Americanism Poster Contest. The aim of this contest is to stimulate interest in American History in support of the established school curriculum.  

This contest is directed at students in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grades, depending on which year the American Revolution is taught in their educational system - including ecumenical and home schooled students.   The contest is also open to members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who are in the same grades but whose school system may not be participating in the contest. In the case where the local school system, or its equivalent, is participating, the scout must enter the contest through the school and not as a separate entry.

The topic for the Poster Contest is set by the NSSAR Americanism Committee annually at the Spring Leadership Meeting for the upcoming school year. The topic is announced at the Annual NSSAR Congress after the winning poster for the current year is recognized.

        The 2017 Subject
Col. Isaac Hayne (1745 - 1781) Colleton Regiment of Militia.

How the posters are judged:

Posters will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Does the poster express the annual theme?
  • Does the poster show originality by the student?
  • Does the poster show evidence of research?
  • Does the poster show artistic merit and creativity?
  • Does the poster accurately reflect the historical event?
  • Is the poster neat and visually pleasing?
How the contest works:
  • Each local school winner will compete at the Chapter level.
  • Each Chapter winner will compete at the State level.
  • Once the State Society has selected a winner, that poster will compete at the National level. Only one (1) entry from each State Society will be accepted.

​The State Society winners will be displayed during the National Contest. The Americanism Committee will announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners during the Youth Awards Luncheon at the National Congress. The National winners will receive a Rosette Ribbon with the 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd place winners receiving a monetary award funded from the Americanism Trust Fund.


2017 Americanism Poster Contest
"Col. Isaac Hayne"

Chapter and SC Society 2017 First Place Winner,
Holy Trinity Classical Christian School

Gov. Paul Hamilton Chapter President Claude Dinkins, left, presents Holy Trinity Classical Christian School student Jubilee Mayo with a $300.00 check for having won the SC Society's Americanism Poster Contest for 2017, Education Co-Chair Jody Henson is at right. Jubilee is the third State Winner from her school.

SC Society Americanism Contest Winning Poster by Miss Jubliee Mayo, was very creative in reference to the subject this year. The poster competed on the National level at the 127th SAR Congress in Knoxville, TN on July 12. 2017 and received an "Honorable Mention".

2016 Chapter Americanism Poster Contest Winners
"Battle of Sullivans Island"

2016 First Place: Holy Trinity Classical Christian School

State Society President Wayne Cousar at left with 2016 South Carolina Society Americanism Poster Contest Winner Mary Chumney of Holy Trinity Classical Christian School. Education Co-Chair Jody Henson at right with School Headmaster Rev. Chad Lawrence.

L-R Sixth Grade teacher Christy Mixson, Jody Henson, State Winner Mary Chumney, Adelaide Warren, Elizabeth Solomons, Emily Smith, Scarlett Elizabeth Mercier, Madison Rains Harper, Rachel Susan Cain and Mary Clanton Bozard.

2016 Second Place: Beaufort Academy

Poster Runner-up Claire Tumlin with her winning poster.

L-R Cody Aiken, Clay Lohr, Andrew Gates, Brock Bettle, Vann Hefner, Whit Suber and Thomas Hines.

Jenna Raber and Whit Suber

Olivia Dinkins, granddaughter of Pres. Claude Dinkins

Margaret Hiers and Tency Lynn

Clay Lohr and Vann Hefner

Andrew Gates and Cody Aiken

Brock Bettle

Claude, Jody and Wayne having fun!

Ms Susan DiFabio's fabulous 4th Graders of Beaufort Academy

"Our 2016 Patriotic Posters"

First Place Honors went to Mary Elinor Chumney of Mrs. Christy Mixson's 6th Grade Class at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School.

Second Place Honors goes to Claire Tumlin of Miss. Susan DeFabio's 4th Grade Class at Beaufort Academy.

2016 Americanism Poster Contest Presentation Holy Trinity Classical Christian School
February 18, 2016
Photos Coutesy of Candace Brasseur, Dir. of Communications HTCCS

Education Co-Chairs Wayne Cousar and Jody Henson meet with the 6th grade at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School to discuss the 2016 Americanism Poster Contest.

Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 6th Grade Teacher Mrs. Christy Mixson.

2015 First Place: Beaufort Academy

President Michael Keyserling with the Chapter's 2015 SC SAR Society Americanism Poster Contest winner, 4th grade student Alex Compton of Beaufort Academy. Standing with her is mother Nancy and Chapter Education Chairman Wayne Cousar.

SC 2015 Americansim Winning Poster by Alex Comptonof Beaufort Academy 4th Grade.

Gov. Paul Hamilton Chapter President Michael Keyserling presents Beaufort Academy 4th Grade Teacher Susan Di Fabio with the SAR Silver Good Citizenship Medal for her continued strong support of the SAR Americanism Poster Contest and her energetic teaching of American History to her students, just one of the many subjects she teaches during the course of the calendar year.

All eighteen members of the Beaufort Academy 4th Grade Class of Miss Susan Di Fabio participated in the 2015 Americanism Poster contest. Each was presented an SAR Certificate of Appreciation and Miss Alex Compton (holding poster photo) was presented the State Society Top Poster Winner's check for $300.00. Seen with teacher Susan DiFabio at back left are Education Co-Chair Jody Henson, President Michael Keyserling, Secretary Claude Dinkins, Education Chairman Wayne Cousar, Treasurer and Chaplain Bill Sammons and Vice President Tom Mikell. Students seated left to right: Kate Luckey, Katherine Taylor, Kendra Rogers, Sophia Martin, Brycen Ambrose, Alex Compton, Mary Grace Carter, and Ledare Pingree. Standing in the middle row left to right: Preston Aivaz, G Simmons, Alex Roberts, Lucas Matte, Roman Evans, Brock Bekemyer, Ansh Patel, Jack McDougall, Nigel Bell, and Jayden Gibson. Miss Compton was the school's second state winner in three years and the Chapter's fourth consecutive SC Society winner.

2014 First Place: Holy Trinity Classical Christian School

Education Programs Chairman Wayne Cousar with 2014 SC SAR Society Americanism Poster Contest Winner Caroline O'Neal and parents Keith and Mary Ellen with Past President Jody Henson. Caroline received a $500.00 check from the State Society and is the Chapter's Third Consecutive State Winner.

2014 SAR South Carolina Society Americanism Award Winning Poster created with the subject of "The Swamp Fox" in mind.  This poster competed nationally with 49 other State Society poster representatives at the 2014 National Congress in Greenville, SC, finishing a very respectable 7th Nationally.  Congratulations Caroline O'Neal.

The 2014 participants from Holy Trinity Classical Christian School L-R: Wayne Cousar, Headmaster Rev. Chad Lawrence, "Winner" Caroline O'Neal, Panyue Strawn, Lydia Mahan, Sydney Lawrence, Bri Gurley, Tatiana Forbes, Morgan Chumney, their Teacher Josiah Tobin and Jody Henson.

2014 Runner-up: Beaufort Academy

Posters were so good this year the Chapter selected a runner-up. Lily Melville of Beaufort Academy was selected and presented a $25.00 check and SAR Certificate of Appreciation by Education Program Chairman Wayne Cousar.

Beaufort Academy 4th Graders share in Teacher Susan DiFabio's receipt of an SAR Certificate of Appreciation from Wayne Cousar. She continues to be one of the finest teachers of History we have run across in the County. All fourteen students in her class participated and each received certificates from the Chapter.

2013 Beaufort Academy

President Jody Henson and Education Programs Chairman Wayne Cousar with 2013 State Poster winner Riley Gates and her parents, Bryan and Tammy.

Chapter and South Carolina Society SAR winning poster by Riley Gates of Susan DiFabio's Beaufort Academy 4th Grade Class shown with Chapter President Jody Henson and wife Anita at State Society Annual Meeting.

Jody Henson and Wayne Cousar present and thank 4th Grade Teacher Susan DiFabio with an SAR Certificate of Appreciation for her dedication to history, her students and participating contributions to the SAR.

President Jody Henson with Ansleigh Pingree, Emma Dillinger, Kevin Rogers, Taylor Parker, Alyssa Lewis (back), Emily Wilson (front), Riley Gates, Witt Compton, Anthony Gonzalez and Education Programs Chairman Wayne Cousar.

2013 Lady's Island Middle School

Students who participated in this years program:

Front row left to right: Ephraim Murray-Russell, Ashanti Robinson, Yasmine Mock, Madyson Kytovsky, Madison Gallion, Marshall Elliott, Logan Lawson, Elijah Sanders, Thomas Edwards, Quaashir Eckford, Carolyn Durrance, Megan Carson, Josiuha Coaxum. Back row left to right: President Jody Henson, NaTaisha Seabrook, JyYan Simmons, Isabelle Zilko, Fai-Lan Smalls, Jessica Redd, Samantha Brown, Karamel Briant, Gill Arant, Maria Bernabe, Analise Allen, and Art Teacher Mrs. Cadra Culley Rooney. Absent that day were Gabe Cairnes, Tahjay Grant and Jazmin Smalls, whose Class winning poster is displayed .


2012 Lady's Island Middle School

Pres. Jody Henson, Lady's Island Middle School Principal Mona Lise Dickson, teacher Cadra Rooney, Chapter and State Poster Winner Isabella Gregory, Brian Gregory and Chapter Education Chairman Wayne Cousar.

Award winning poster by Isabella Gregory, "The Battle of Guilford Courthouse"

Bottom: William Ploss, Ethan McKenzie, William Sanders, Maegan Savoi, Kobe Suginaka
Middle: Garrett Jepson, Brandon Cassidy, Hannah Goldman, Chase Guynup, Harrison Hines, Alyssa Patrick, MacKenzie Powell, Isabella Gregory
Back: Pres. Jody Henson, Chapter Education Chairman Wayne Cousar, Teacher Cadra Rooney
(Not Pictured: An'Quan Hairston, Carolina O'Neal, Skye Peisa, Christopher Sanders)


2011 Lady's Island Middle School

Pres. Wayne Cousar with Chapter Winner Brycen Campbell.

Pres. Wayne Cousar, Brycen Campbell, Vice Principal Clay Fowler, Britney Singleton, Macy Purdy, Sahranna Fawcett, Caleb Heath, Kristionna Hampton, Teacher Cadra Rooney, Vice Pres. Jody Henson (student Joshua Desmore not present).